Pre-positioning relief items is a preparedness measure set up by many humanitarian organisations all over the globe, to be better prepared to respond to disasters. Coordinated and effective pre-positioning reduces the time and costs required to transport relevant items where they are needed the most.

However, pre-positioning is still very much done in silo. Due to a lack of communication, coordination and a common objective, humanitarian organisations and agencies do not take into consideration what other actors around them might already be storing, nor where.

As a result, there is little overall coherence regarding what items are stored, where and in which quantities. This lack of coordination and coherence becomes apparent during the response phase of an emergency: some relief items are not enough, some are too many, or, paradoxically, they are not stored in the appropriate location for the very measure of pre-positioning to effectively make a difference.

Proposed Solution

The objective of ESUPS is to support the coordination of national and regional pre-positioning strategies, to increase time and cost effectiveness in stock delivery during emergencies. This is achieved through coordination activities and through a focus on 3 operational pillars: Data Collection, Data Analysis, Advocacy and Communications.