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Localised strategies for supply chain and pre-positioning

During this session, co-presented by Save the Children and the ESUPS project, you will be introduced to new ideas, technologies or practices aimed at improving the preparedness and response capacities of the supply chain while strengthening its localised components. ESUPS will bring some focus on the question of collaborative pre-positioning of stocks.

Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics Innovation Expo (HELIX) – 2021

The Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics Innovation Expo (HELIX) is an initiative of the AHA Centre to capture the latest advancements and innovation in humanitarian logistics and supply chain management. It aims to provide ASEAN’s National Disaster Management Organisations a menu of solutions to address gaps in logistics capacities.

Discover ESUPS (Logistics Cluster Partner Forum)

Are you involved in pre-positioning of relief items? Would you like to discover tools that may help you and your organisation to define a good pre-positioning strategy? Join us for this session where we will present the Emergency Supplies Pre-Positioning Strategy (ESUPS) project, the approach we follow, and the support we could provide to organisations … Continue reading Discover ESUPS (Logistics Cluster Partner Forum)