April-June 2023

Stock data update

Stock data revised, entered or updated in STOCKHOLM, in collaboration with focal points in the country (WFP/Logistics Cluster).

STOCKHOLM data entering

ESUPS Team started entering the pre-positioned stock data shared by humanitarian actors in Colombia into STOCKHOLM platform.

July 2022
January-July 2022

Stock data collection

The process has been initiated and carried out with the support of the Logistics Cluster Preparedness Working Group in Colombia. There have been several exchanges to ensure that data are collected in the most appropriate format to be entered into STOCKHOLM.

Disaster data analysis

Following the start of the engagement process with key actors, ESUPS is carrying out a data import, data cleaning and analysis of the history of disasters in the country (1980-2020). This preliminary analysis will then be complemented with the pre-positioned stock data collected from in-country actors and with key logistics information and variables.

June-August 2021
February 2021


ESUPS made first contacts with Colombia with the assistance of the IFRC, holding a presentation to the Logistics Cluster Preparedness Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean.