What is the current pre-positioned stock situation?

This pillar revolves around the question: what pre-positioned stock is currently available and where? To answer it, ESUPS is developing a stock data collection platform which will offer stockholders access to a visual representation of pre-positioned stock. Users of the platform will be able to filter stock data based on country, province, or any other cross-geographical area; stock data will also be filtered by organisation, cluster, or item.

The data collection pillar is essential to map the existing stock situation and identify gaps and duplication. This will then form the basis for the Data Analysis pillar, which offers further tools to influence decision-making processes about coordinated pre-positioning strategies and emergency responses.

In sum, the platform:

  • Provides a visual map of data showing existing stock in ESUPS project countries and regions.
  • Is a preparedness tool available to national authorities, INGOs, UN agencies, donors, and other institutions.
  • Supports a logistics localisation agenda, as it is owned and managed by its users and empowers national authorities to make informed decision on best strategies to activate.
  • Promotes the standardisation of core relief items nomenclature, through an item group functionality.