What is the current pre-positioned stock situation?

ESUPS central question is: “What is the current pre-positioned stock situation?”. ESUPS is developing a stock data collection tool that will assist stockholders in countries to have access to a visual representation of stock prepositioned in countries/regions and to further analysis to facilitate decision-making about pre-positioning strategy and responses. This stock data collection tool will form the required basis for the second pillar.

The driving principles of this platform are:

  • A preparedness tool open and available to all humanitarian actors related to stock management on registration: National authorities, INGO’s, NGO’s, UN agencies, Donors, Institutions, Regional bodies.
  • Visual map outputs of data collected showing existing stocks per region/ countries/ communities. Those can be filtered by country/ organisation/ cluster/ item and by selecting a geographical area.
  • The map also shows the “optimum stocks” defined by ESUPS pillar 3 (data analysis) giving the user the capacity to visually see what the existing situation is, compared to an optimum situation, and opening the door for a coordinated prepositioning strategy definition.
  • The platform supports a logistics localisation agenda and is owned by users: once registered, organisations will control who get access internally, the frequency of their data update and the level of details they want to enter.
  • Empowers national authorities by giving them the capacity to activate faster a pull strategy over a push strategy initiated by external partners.
  • Support relief item standardisation through an Item group functionality
  • The platform provides automated analytics on the stocks data information selected.