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STOCKHOLM training in the Pacific

From 13 to 16 September, ESUPS delivered an online training on STOCKHOLM platform for users across 16 countries in the Pacific. The training consisted of four sessions covering the same content, but delivered in different days to facilitate attendance from several groups of countries.

Find below the recording of one of the sessions, attended by participants from Fiji, New Zealand, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands and Bangkok. If you were unable to attend the training, you can re-watch the video and get in touch with ESUPS Team for any question you might have. While the recording is specific to the Pacific users, it can also serve as a good basis for STOCKHOLM users in other locations.

Recording of STOCKHOLM training session – September 2022

Parts of the session (click to jump to the corresponding part)

Introduction and content of the training

Background: ESUPS and STOCKHOLM

STOCKHOLM: what and why

STOCKHOLM: structure

STOCKHOLM: main sections

STOCKHOLM: connections

Operate STOCKHOLM: preliminary questions

Operate STOCKHOLM: manage data – create an ITEM

Operate STOCKHOLM: manage data – create a FACILITY

Operate STOCKHOLM: manage data – link an ITEM to a FACILITY

Operate STOCKHOLM: confirm data entry

Operate STOCKHOLM: manage data – USERS


Questions and final remarks