A core section of ESUPS’ STOCKHOLM platform is the “National stock analysis” dashboard.

National stock analysis dashboard for Honduras, available on STOCKHOLM platform.

All STOCKHOLM users have access to the dashboard. As you can see in the preview above, the information displayed is filtered by countries and is collective in nature. The platform analyses all pre-positioned stock in a country, irrespective of which agency holds it.

On the National stock analysis dashboard, users will find insights on:

  • the percentage of disasters that all pre-positioned stock in a country can cover;
  • a detailed assessment for each relief item examined, in terms of quantity and location;
  • potential time and cost savings if items are moved to more optimal locations.

The “National stock analysis” dashboard is powered by Gurobi Optimization, who has been supporting ESUPS since 2021. Gurobi strives to help companies make better decisions using prescriptive analytics. It offers tools that first turn business problems into mathematical models, and then find the best solution to solve them.

In a case study recently published, you can read more about STOCKHOLM and how Gurobi helped to turn the model behind it (previously run on an Excel sheet) into a more accessible interactive platform – now used by over 100 organisations across the world!

Enjoy the read here. The case study is also available on ESUPS Resources page.