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STOCKHOLM is a visual pre-positioned stock mapping and analysis tool.

STOCKHOLM stands for STOCK of Humanitarian Organisations Logistics Mapping. The name refers to the Swedish capital, composed of 14 separate islands (representing humanitarian actors working in silo when it comes to pre-positioning), which are linked through over 50 bridges (reinforcing the overall ideas of exchange, connection and collaboration that drive the ESUPS project).

The STOCKHOLM platform offers stock holders access to a visual representation of pre-positioned core relief items. Users are able to filter stock data based on country, province, or any other cross-geographical area; stock data will also be filtered by organisation holding the stock, cluster, and item. In parallel, ESUPS and its academic partners are carrying out studies to demonstrate the value of collaborative pre-positioning practices.

STOCKHOLM is one of the core elements of ESUPS work. The platform was presented during a dedicated session at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) 2022. A recording of the session is available here.

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Visual overview of stock

Displays information on pre-positioned stock quantities within countries

Stock analysis

Proposes optimum collective stock levels for a national pre-positioning strategy

Owned by users

Supports ownership of stock level management. The frequency of updates is decided by users according to contexts and partners’ choices

Connected to other platforms

Designed to communicate with other datasets and analytic tools used in the sector, such as the Logistics Cluster log:ie platform

Supports localisation

Supports a “pull approach”, placing decision-making power back in the hands of actors at community level, where storage facilities are located

Supports standardisation

The “Item group” functionality will help standardise nomenclature of relief items. No matter what type of blanket is stored in a warehouse, it will be called “blanket”