Over the last months, ESUPS has been in regular exchange with stakeholders in several countries who are interested in being involved in the project and triggering the process that leads to the elaboration of collective recommendations on pre-positioned stock.

Interest from countries as well as regional emergency coordination bodies has also increased following ESUPS participation in the latest HNPW (Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks). During the event, ESUPS had an exhibition stand and a session completely dedicated to STOCKHOLM, the platform where ESUPS analyses and recommendations will be available, at a collective level, for each participating country. Potential STOCKHOLM users could see for themselves how the platform looks like and what functionalities they can benefit from once the stock data has been shared and entered into the platform. Recordings of the HNPW sessions are available here.

This led to developments and updates on the status of ESUPS disaster data analysis and stock data collection process in several countries, particularly in the Latin America and Caribbean region. These updates are now reflected on our main countries page – you can click on each individual country for more detailed information.

For any query on STOCKHOLM or on the data analysis and collection process, do not hesitate to reach out to ESUPS Team.