History of disasters (1980-2021)

May 2023

STOCKHOLM presentation

During the Taller Binacional de LogĂ­stica para Emergencia that took place between Guatemala and Honduras, STOCKHOLM platform was presented as an example of a tool that can be used by countries and regional bodies to improve their logistics planning and coordination for emergencies.

Stock data on STOCKHOLM

The first pre-positioned stock data received has been entered on STOCKHOLM and can now be consulted via the platform.

September 2022
July 2022

Live demonstration of STOCKHOLM platform

A short demonstration was organised to show stakeholder what functionalities are available to them once all stock data are entered in the platform.

Stock data collection

The process was triggered and has been carried out with the support of the Logistics Cluster Preparedness Working Group in Honduras.

March 2022
February-March 2022

Disaster data analysis

Following the start of the engagement process with key actors, ESUPS carried out a data import, data cleaning and analysis of the history of disasters in the country (1980-2020). This preliminary analysis will then be complemented with the pre-positioned stock data collected from in-country actors and with key logistics information and variables.
A short report with insights on the history of disasters in Honduras has been compiled and is available here.


Initial call where ESUPS was presented to stakeholders in the country.

January 2022