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How ESUPS handles data.

How do you collect the stock data information?

ESUPS will help each new country of engagement by collecting the first set of data through an existing Excel template allowing us to perform the first and heavier data entry for you (note that if you prefer doing that yourself it s of course absolutely possible). Once the data are entered and you have your own access, any future data update will be done by you based on what you think is relevant.

How do you ensure data protection?

We comply with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, in short GDPR, which is considered “the toughest privacy and security law in the world” (source). This automatically means that compliance with other less strict regulations is ensured.

For different reasons, national actors who would like to participate in the stockpile mapping might not want to share publicly their stock information. Is there any way to hide information that could be security sensitive?

Yes, one of the functionality built will be for stock owners to have the capacity to hide their name and/or location while leaving the stock information visible. That will allow accurate stock report to remain available while removing security concerns some partners may have.