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STOCKHOLM platform

Information and updates on the development and features of STOCKHOLM platform. Please note that the platform is active, while additional and improved features are constantly being developed.

Is the STOCKHOLM platform interconnected with other platforms of humanitarian interest?

Among the functionalities being discussed is an interface capability with other relevant platforms, including the Logistics Cluster’s log:ie. Exchanges are also ongoing with other initiatives such as Frontline Humanitarian Logistics and we are also looking at how to create interfaces with existing Warehouse Management Systems to limit the double handling of data by the users.

How often do I have to update the platform?

It was an important driver in the design of STOCKHOLM not to impose anything on the users, and so, once you have your access, the platform is entirely yours to manage as you see fit. If you decide to update it after each stock movement, you can. If you only need to update it pre and post-monsoon season for example, you can also chose that option. This can also be a collective decision made by all actors involved in the strategy: twice a year, every quarter, every month etc.

Is there a cost to use and access the platform?

No, the platform is free of charge. Access is open but a registration process is required.

Who manages the platform?

For the time being, ESUPS project is managing the platform until October 2024 (end of project funding). Depending on the funding situation after this date the platform may be handed over to a neutral organisation.

How will you ensure that the ESUPS tools (STOCKHOLM platform) will remain available once ESUPS funding stops?

We are working on two options:

1. Continue to manage the platform if we access more funding after October 2024.

2. Hand over the platform to a neutral party (with whom we are already in discussion) to ensure the continuation of access.