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Translating STOCKHOLM with Google Translate

PDF guide

Click to download this guide in PDF format.

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The PDF guide is also available in: Русский, Español


STOCKHOLM is currently available in English. This is a temporary solution to translate the platform into another language of your choice, using Google Translate. Please keep in mind that this translation is not revised and might not always be accurate.

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to In this example, we used Microsoft Edge. This method also works when using Google Chrome.

2. Click on the “Websites” button.

3. Insert the following address for STOCKHOLM platform in the website bar:

4. Select “detect language” as original language. Then select the desired language into which you want to translate the platform – i.e.: Russian, Tajik.

5. Once the language is selected, click on the blue arrow next to the website bar to translate.

6. The platform will open in a new tab. You need to log in as usual (via Microsoft account or via personal gmail account).

7. After logging in, right click anywhere on the page. A window will appear. Among the options listed in the window, you should see one named “Translate to Russian”. Click on it to translate the platform.

8. Please note that sometimes, after right-clicking, the option given is to translate into another language and not the one you selected. So you might see “Translate to English, French, etc.” and not “Translate to Russian”. Click on it anyways. This should activate a translation option, which usually appears at the end of the address bar in your browser. Here you can select the desired language once again.