From 13 to 16 September, ESUPS delivered an online training on STOCKHOLM platform.

The training consisted of four sessions covering the same content, but delivered in different days to facilitate attendance from several groups of countries. The sessions were attended by 33 participants in total. These represented NGOs, agencies, Red Cross/Crescent Societies, government bodies and National Disaster Management Offices located in 16 countries across the Pacific.

One of the sessions is now available in our Resources page as a video recording. While specific to users in the Pacific, the recording can serve as a basis for STOCKHOLM users in any other location. It covers the main functionalities of the platform, including how to create an item, how to create a facility and how to link items and facilities.

Screenshot from the STOCKHOLM training for users in the Pacific

ESUPS Team is designing and preparing more in-depth trainings dedicated to each function and section of the platform. Our goal is to make them available among the STOCKHOLM training resources. These trainings will guide users through the platform, from registering to entering stock and consulting related reports.

For any questions, doubts or comments do not hesitate to get in touch!