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How to register

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STOCKHOLM platform is free to use upon registration. For the time being, only users representing agencies who pre-position stock are granted access. ESUPS is working on a “view-only” version of the platform to give access to other interested parties as well.

To register, you can follow the process illustrated in this guide. Alternatively, registration is possible upon receiving an invitation link from somebody else (see How to invite somebody to register).

Step-by-step guide

1. Click on

2. You will reach this page.

3. Select if you want to register with a Microsoft email address or with a Google email address. In most cases, the Microsoft option is connected to your professional email address. This option is strongly recommended.

IMPORTANT: When registering with a professional email address, it is possible that you will be requested to contact your IT system administrator to authorise access to STOCKHOLM. Many organisations have set up limitations to access applications on the web as a security measure. If your IT system administrator needs additional information from ESUPS side, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can also consult and share this guide on STOCKHOLM safety, authentication and approval prepared by the developers of the platform.

4. You will reach this page to submit a registration request. You will find a detailed explanation for the most relevant fields in the points below.

5. Fill in all the mandatory fields marked with *.

IMPORTANT: Email address and mobile number are critical to ensure the 2-steps verification process and to receive the STOCKHOLM notifications related to your stocks. Please make sure to fill in both, selecting the appropriate country code for the mobile number via the flag that appears before the number.

6. For the field Agency, there is a drop-down menu with search bar. You can scroll down the menu or start typing the name or abbreviation of your agency in the search bar.

If your agency is not listed, please select “Other”. You will then be contacted by an ESUPS administrator to collect details about your agency, such as name and logo, so that it can be created in the database.

7. For the field Geographical Area, choose the geographical area you fall under via the drop-down menu.

For example, if you are a Country Logistics Coordinator, then select the country. If you are a Logistics Coordinator at provincial level, then select your country and your province in the dropdown menu. If the province has not been created yet in the system, just select the country.

If you previously selected “Other” because your organisation is not yet listed, then select “World” as a Geographical Area.

8. Read the terms of use and Privacy Policy before ticking the box to accept.

9. Click on SIGN IN.

Next steps

After completing the registration process, you will receive a notification (email and SMS) such as the one below.

Your manager will access your registration request and give you access. In case your agency is not yet in the list, your registration request will be processed by ESUPS Administrators, who will contact you for further information.

Once you have been granted access, you will receive a notification (email and SMS) like the one below as a confirmation.

Once you are registered and if you manage collaborators reporting to you, you will be the one receiving notifications to accept them when they register. Here is what the notification looks like. In this way, ESUPS hands over the STOCKHOLM tool to you as a user and pulls out from a centralisation role.