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Report: Branding Postponement & Loan-Borrowing

In 2022, ESUPS collaborated with Özyeğin University to explore the benefits of postponement and sharing (Loan-Borrowing) strategies in humanitarian logistics. They developed a simulation model using historical data and applied it to a Caribbean case study, focusing on unbranded relief stocks. The results indicate that keeping 75% of stocks unbranded can significantly improve response rates, fill rates, and inventory leftover ratios without impacting response time. This approach reduces holding costs and maximizes efficiency for medium humanitarian organisations.

The report encourages other humanitarian organisations to consider implementing similar strategies to enhance aid efficiency.

This report can be cited as follows:
Fortier, E., Chane, F., & Minetto, S., Kasap-Simsek, L.G., Balcik, B. (2023). Prepositioning Made Better: Branding Postponement and Loan-Borrowing for Increased Efficiency. ESUPS report.
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