ESUPS team recently elaborated a map of the main humanitarian global and regional depots of pre-positioned relief items. You can access and download the map here.

The map was prepared following a request received by ECHO and it is based on a previous similar exercise produced by UN OCHA in 2013. Data were collected or updated by ESUPS.

The purpose of the map is providing a quick visual overview of:

  • international depot locations
  • type of depot (single or multiple agency)
  • managing entities of the depots for multiple-agency depots
  • stock owners for single-agency depots

The map does not show pre-positioned stocks at national level. However, this information will be available on STOCKHOLM, the platform that ESUPS is currently developing as a core part of its work.

We recommend to keep an eye on our website and social media channels for upcoming announcements on the launch date and features of STOCKHOLM; you can also sign up to receive future email updates about it.

We are open to receiving additional suggestions to keep this mapping exercise relevant and up-to-date. Head to our contact page to get in touch!