Welcome to the newly-launched ESUPS project blog!

This blog is part of the recent ESUPS website makeover. Here we will share the main announcements related to the project. We will also highlight any resources and material added to our new Resources page.

You will find the blog entries at the bottom of ESUPS website homepage, under the heading “News“.

If you have been following ESUPS (Emergency Supply Pre-positioning Strategy) for some time, you might already be aware that the website is the main repository of information and documents on the project.

ESUPS website was officially launched in 2019, but a lot has evolved since then. To reflect the latest progress and updates, it was important to revise the overall organisation of its content and pages. In particular, we wanted to give more relevance to the countries of engagement of the project and to the upcoming STOCKHOLM platform, as these are the core elements of our work.

Finally, a new and improved version of the website is ready. Among other things, you will find:

  • a Countries page with updated information on the status of the project in each country of engagement
  • a sign up form to receive news on the project via email, with the option to opt in for specific updates on STOCKHOLM platform. Scroll down to the bottom of any website page to find the sign up button
  • an improved Knowledge Base to access helpful Resources, such as project documents, reports, research and other material (with more to come!)
  • an overview of Who we are, with details on the organisations, people and partners involved in the project

As we keep tweaking and updating the website, we encourage you to take some time to explore it. Please share it widely among your network of contacts in the field of humanitarian logistics.

Don’t forget that you can always reach out to us for feedback and questions!