June 2020


Building on the approach that ESUPS adopted for its data collection and analysis process in other countries of engagement, and counting on an improved stock analysis model, ESUPS has started a process of re-engagement in its pilot country. As previously outlined, it is critical to update and complete the stock data collection, with a more robust model and more partners. This will allow to run a fresh and more in-depth analysis of the current national stock pre-positioned across the country, provide more accurate recommendations and enhance response capacities to a nation-wide response system.

Data analysis

Based on the data collected, the data analysis processed was triggered leading to the elaboration of a preliminary study of pre-positioned stock in the country.

October 2018
April 2018

Stock data collection

Carried out with the support of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Save the children, IOM, World Vision and Action Contre la Faim (ACF). Despite the good response from in-country actors, it was recognised that some major players were missing, for example the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) or UNICEF. For a robust model, it is critical to count with a complete data set of key national actors.


As a result of the interest expressed by the Government of the Philippines, the country was selected as the very first country to pilot ESUPS project and test the definition of an optimum country-wide model, while providing recommendations around the existing stock levels.

January 2018