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How to bulk update Item quantities

PDF guide

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To follow this guide, you need to have Items (see How to create an Item) allocated to one or several Facilities (see How to allocate an Item to a Facility – option 1).

This function allows you to update item quantities in bulk, across facilities and for items already existing in your stock data. This feature does not allow to create new items or to modify existing items, but only to update quantities.

If you don’t see any changes from one step to the next, try to refresh the page.

The actions described in this guide can be performed by: Super Admin, Admin GA, Facility Manager, Admin GA Donor, Facility Manager Donor.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open the Manage Data section.

2. Select Facilities.

3. Click on the DOWNLOAD FILE button.

4. You will get an Excel file like the one below. This contains a list of the stock items entered in all your facilities: in this case, 2 “Honduras test” facilities and one “ESUPS View Only” facility.

5. Please follow the instructions provided in the file and update only the green column with the new quantities of the items that need to be updated (the other columns are protected and cannot be modified).

In the example below, we updated the quantity of Backpacks in the “ESUPS View Only” facility (from 25 to 100) and the quantity of Backpacks and Hygiene kits in the “Honduras test 1” facility (from 100 to 0). If the quantity of an Item does not need any update, you can leave the corresponding cell in the green column blank as we did for Blankets in “Honduras test 2”.
Once the new quantities have been added, don’t forget to save the changes to the Excel file.

6. Go back to Facilities on STOCKHOLM and this time click on UPLOAD FILE.

7. Upload the Excel file with the updated quantities then click on SAVE.

8. The new quantities will be reflected on the platform.

Next steps

Your item quantities are now updated across facilities. Other attributes (as well as quantities) can also be updated manually (see How to update an Item – option 1).