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How to create a Facility – part 1

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Every facility needs to be assigned to a previously-created Geographical Area (see guide: How to create Geographical Areas – part 1). The latitude and longitudes coordinates of a facility have to be entered in the recommended format and they need to lay within the selected Geographical Area.

If you don’t see any changes from one step to the next, try to refresh the page.

The actions described in this guide can be performed by: Super Admin, Admin GA, Admin GA Donor.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open the Manage Data section on STOCKHOLM platform.

2. Select Facilities.

3. First let’s have a quick look at the viewing options for this page.

You can choose to display your existing facilities either as Cards or in a Table. In both cases, facilities can be sorted by name (alphabetical order or reverse).

In both viewing options, you can use the search bar on top to look for facilities.

4. Now let’s see how to create a new Facility. Click on the ADD button on the top right.

5. A pop-up window will appear. You will need to fill the fields marked with (*).

First, give a name to the facility. This can be a name of your choice or follow any conventions adopted by your organisation/agency. You can also add an optional description of your facility. This can help to identify and distinguish facilities at a later stage (for example, in cases where you have many facilities in the same Geographical Area).

6. Then, you will need to assign the facility to a Geographical Area previously created (see tutorial How to Create Geographical Areas – part 1).

Available Geographical Areas will appear in the drop-down menu, which you can also use as a search bar. Select or look for the most appropriate Geographical Area. In the example, we are selecting World-Central Asia-Nepal-Province 1 as this is where our facility is located. To navigate the drop-down menu more easily, we started typing “nep” in the search bar.

7. The last mandatory fields to fill are latitude and longitude coordinates of the facility. There are 3 ways to do that:

a. fill the corresponding fields. Please follow the formatting indicated when clicking on “Help: Coordinate formatting”

b. you can also use the “search by address” function on the top right. Type in the address of the facility and select the correct option among those appearing below. The latitude and longitude coordinates will automatically appear. If you don’t know the exact address, you can type in the name of the nearest location (for example: town or village) and then move around the pin in the map below, placing it as close as possible to the actual location of the facility.

c. if you know exactly where your facility is, you can also zoom on the map and click the exact point. The coordinates will also be filled in automatically.

8. Don’t forget to save!

Next steps

The additional options “Validate stock” and “Hide exact location” are covered in part 2 of this guide – available soon.