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How to invite somebody to register

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STOCKHOLM platform is free to use upon registration. For the time being, only users representing agencies who pre-position stock are granted access. ESUPS is working on a “view-only” version of the platform to give access to other interested parties as well.

Only certain users are able to invite others, based on their role (see Roles in STOCKHOLM – available soon). To register, you can follow the process illustrated in the guide How to register. Alternatively, registration is possible upon receiving an invitation link from somebody else (see steps 8-9 of this guide).

The actions described in this guide can be performed by: Super Admin, Admin GA, Admin GA Donor.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open the Manage Data section on STOCKHOLM platform.

2. Select Users.

3. Click on the button Invite User in the top right corner.

4. A pop-up window will appear. You will need to fill the fields marked with (*), entering the details of the person you want to invite.

5. Once done, click on Add new role.

6. Select the desired role and then the appropriate Geographical Area from the drop-down menu.

This step serves to assign the person you are inviting one (or more) role in the platform, depending on the level of management they will have, and on the Geographical Area (GA) where they are operating.

For example, if you are the Global Logistics Coordinator of an agency you can invite the Regional Logistic Coordinator for Africa. The role you need to select is Admin GA and the Geographical Area will be World-Africa. This is the example illustrated in the images below.

The Regional Logistics Coordinator for Africa, in turn, can invite the Country Logistics Coordinator for Sierra Leone. Again, the role to select is Admin GA. The Geographical Area this time will be World-Africa-Sierra Leone.

The Country Logistics Coordinator for Sierra Leone can invite colleagues who are managing specific facilities in the country. In this case, the role to select is Facility Manager. Instead of Geographical Areas, one or more facilities will have to be selected (see How to create a facility – part 1).

7. Click on Invite to send the invitation.

8. The person you invited will receive an email with a link. They will have to click on the link to accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, and then access the platform.

9. Now the invitation process is complete and the new user is registered.

Their corresponding user card will indicate APPROVED instead of PENDING.

Next steps

We recommend to revise the overview of Roles on STOCKHOLM in case of doubts.