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How to use the “?” Help button

PDF guide

Click to download this guide in PDF format.


To follow this guide, you need to be a registered user on STOCKHOLM (see How to register and First 5 steps in STOCKHOLM).

The actions described in this guide can be performed by: Super Admin, Admin GA, Facility Manager, Admin GA Donor, Facility Manager Donor, Facility Manager.

Step-by-step guide

1. Log into STOCKHOLM using this link.

2. Navigate to any page. You will notice a “?” button on the bottom right corner. This is present across all sections and pages.

3. Depending on the page where you are, the button will display any available and relevant how-to guides for actions that you can perform on that specific page.

In the example below, you can see that under Manage Data > Facilities, the following guide is linked under the “?” button: STOCKHOLM: How to create a Facility – ESUPS

4. In case there is no available guide, you can always use the form included under the “?” button to ask your questions directly. See the example below for Reports & Analytics > Stock mapping.
Please make sure to select “I would like some help” and an appropriate topic, so ESUPS Team can address the issue promptly. Once you typed in your message, click on SUBMIT.

5. The form also allows you to share suggestions. These could be anything you would like to see added to the platform, ideas to improve your user experience, or any feedback you want to share. Simply select “I have a suggestion”, together with an appropriate topic. Please include as many details as possible in your message. Once you are done, don’t forget to click on SUBMIT!

6. Feedback and suggestions are extremely important for ESUPS Team: in fact, many of the features you see on STOCKHOLM are coming from ideas shared by the users themselves. So we strongly encourage you to reach out to ESUPS via the form or, if you prefer, via email.

Note that making a suggestion does not automatically mean it will be developed or implemented. But if we receive enough similar feedback, it will be included in the development plan.