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How to allocate an Item to a Facility – option 1

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To follow this guide, you first need to create an item (see How to create an Item).

Once created, every item needs to be allocated to a previously-created Facility (see How to create a Facility – part 1), indicating its quantity and unit of measure. If any other attributes are attached to the item (i.e. expiry date), these also need to be informed. All this information can be updated as frequently as desired.

If you don’t see any changes from one step to the next, try to refresh the page.

The actions described in this guide can be performed by: Super Admin, Admin GA, Facility Manager, Admin GA Donor, Facility Manager Donor.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open the Manage Data section on STOCKHOLM platform.

2. Select Item List.

3. Open the Item you want to allocate by clicking on the blue pencil icon. We are going to work on the item “Shirt”, the one we created in STEP 1 (see How to create an Item).

4. A pop-up window will appear. We have already completed STEP 1, so now we are at STEP 2. Click on “ALLOCATE THIS ITEM TO A NEW FACILITY”.

5. A card will appear at the bottom of the window. In the Facility field, select a previously-created facility from the drop-down menu (see How to add a facility – part 1). You can also type in the bar to look for a facility.

6. In the Actual stock level field, enter the quantity and unit of your item. Make sure to select the appropriate unit among those available. If the item you created is a kit or a set (i.e. Kitchen set or Hygiene kit), please select Kit as unit.

IMPORTANT: The whole platform works on the basis of units. If you have 10 bales of 5 blankets you should indicate 50 pieces. You can then inform the packaging in the “Packaging size attribute” by entering “Bales of 5”.

7. In STEP 1 (see How to create an Item), we ticked the boxes for “donor” and “expiry date” in the attribute list. These now appear as mandatory fields to inform.

8. Once all the mandatory fields are filled in, you can proceed to save.

Next steps

Your item is now created and assigned to a facility. You can allocate items to any facility that you have created – you only need to repeat the steps in this guide for each facility you want to allocate items to.

Another option to allocate items to facilities is via the Facilities section of the platform. See How to allocate Items to Facilities – option 2 (available soon).

You can update item quantities as frequently as desired. For a step-by-step guide on how to do that, see How to update an Item – option 1 or option 2 (available soon).